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The EMA custom oral appliance

Our in-house prosthetics technician, Roy, is also Myerson’s approved Trainer for their sophisticated anti-snoring and sleep apnoea device so there’s no better place to get one produced.

EMA’s patented design uses interchangeable elastic straps attached to pressure-formed custom upper and lower trays, which allow the gradual advancement of the mandible until treatment is successful.

The Myerson EMA appliance offers serveral advantages not found in other oral appliances:

  • It fits entirely inside the mouth
  • The patient can talk while they are wearing it
  • It is completely free of metal and the Myerson EMA elastic straps are latex free
  • The patient can easily change the Myerson EMA elastic straps themself
Dental Lab Anti-Snoring

Anti-Snoring Devices

As with all our products, patients are more than welcome to visit the lab to discuss their specific requirements in order for us to produce a solution that they will be truly delighted with.